Meredith sitting on Vespa


I began my communications career by co-founding a web design company with my husband, where I wrote SEO-optimized web copy while moonlighting as a barista. Once I established a portfolio, I worked my way up at boutique marketing agencies, working mostly for small local businesses.

In 2018, I pivoted to advocacy work at the ACLU of Virginia, where I used my skills to advocate for causes I care deeply about, such as LGBTQ+ equality, expanding access to the ballot box, and rooting out systemic racism. At the ACLU, I learned all about the court system and how to speak legalese, how to distill complex ideas into digestible bits, and how to persuade people to look at issues from different viewpoints.

I also had the great opportunity to serve as Director of PR & Marketing at the oldest museum in Richmond, Virginia called the Valentine. In my role, I created all strategies, tactics, and content for our external communications. I also served on the executive leadership team and helped make operational decisions.

In 2022, I started full-time freelancing to focus solely on what I love doing: writing, PR, and messaging strategy. My wide range of experience can help you level up your communications game. Take a look at the services I offer and drop me a line.

Meredith sitting on Vespa

Why I love what I do

Words have the power to persuade, motivate, and inspire. My goal is to use that power for good. I put that power to use by crafting advocacy campaigns that make systemic change, promoting impactful civil lawsuits in the media, and helping business owners get the word out so they can focus on doing what they do.

More about my life

If you made it this far, kudos! As a treat, here’s a nice picture of my cat. He’s a very good boy, and if we have a virtual meeting, he’ll probably show you his butt.

The other human I live with is my husband Ronnie, who is also very good but more discreet when it comes to showing his butt. Ronnie is a fantastic web designer, so if you were wondering why I have such a kickass website, there’s your answer! We met in sixth grade, fell in love in college, and got married in 2008. We love going on adventures and traveling as much as we can! We’ve trekked all across the U.S. and to 10 different countries together.

When I’m not working or traveling, I love sewing! I picked up the hobby at the beginning of the covid pandemic, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I also love going to concerts, taking advantage of Richmond’s poppin’ beer scene, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Photo of our cat, Sheik